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International laboratory workshop for start-ups, scale-ups and fast growing companies


Francesca Gabetti (from Italy but based in Barcelona) is an owner of a start-up, facilitates start-ups and is a constellator. Tim de Broekert works a lot with scale-ups and fast-growing companies. Marc Wesselink is Managing Director of the start-up accelerator programs at Startupbootcamp in Amsterdam. Jan Jacob Stam is interested in the nature of organizational systems.

In this workshop systemic perspectives and constellations will be introduced and used to explore the nature and typical challenges for start-ups and scale-ups.

The field of systemic perspectives (and constellations) is one of the fastest growing fields in management consulting. In a way it makes sense of the sensing we all do as human beings, and organizations are systems of human beings. More and more consultancy companies and corporates are embracing this; because traditional methods fail to deliver results in helping companies grow, adapt and change.

The systemic perspectives are extremely powerful and quick ways to gain deeper and very different insight in the variety of challenges companies face.

There are a variety of questions we can look at. Examples:

- We have tried and failed to hire a VP of Sales for our company. Somehow, it doesn’t seem to work. Why is that?
- Rationally, we have agreed that a specific strategic direction is the best. However, we feel hesitance in pursuing this     direction. Why is that?
- There is a certain unproductive (sabotizing) behavior that keeps appearing in our company. Why is that and how can we get rid of it?
- An investor has approached us. It all looks wonderful, but something just does not feel right. What to do?
- We have grown rapidly over the last couple of years, and the sensible thing to do seems to be getting organized and formalized a bit more. However, we are deeply worried it will kill our culture. How can we avoid that?

It's possible to participate either one day or both days.

Who is this event for?

1. Owners of and leaders in startups or fast growing companies who want to bring in their case for a constellation
2. Anyone who wants to learn about System Dynamics in this type of organizations

If you are owner or leader in a startup or fast-growing company and would like to bring in a case for a constellation, please let us know. We focus on and will select those cases that fit the purpose and subject of this workshop.

What: Workshop for start-ups, scale-ups and fast-growing companies

Organizers: Francesca Gabetti, Tim de Broekert, Marc Wesselink, Barbara Hoogenboom, Jan Jacob Stam

Constellator: Jan Jacob Stam

Where: Startupbootcamp, Johan Huizingalaan 763A (3rd floor), 1066 VH  Amsterdam, Netherlands

When: 31 March and 1 April

Language: English

Price: € 90 for owners of startups, scale ups and fast-growing companies (including accompanying employees) for one day, for both days € 135. If you are not an owner of a start-up or fast-growing company but would like to participate out of interest and to learn, the price will be € 185 for one day and € 280 for both days.


vr 31 maart 2017
Blok 1, Dag 1: 10:00 tot 18:00 u.
Trainer: Jan Jacob Stam
Locatie: Amsterdam
za 1 april 2017
Blok 1, Dag 2: 09:30 tot 17:30 u.
Trainer: Jan Jacob Stam
Locatie: Amsterdam

Startdatum:vr 31 maart 2017
Trainer:Jan Jacob Stam
Prijs:€ 260,-
Inbegrepen:koffie, thee en lunches
Deelnemers:Minimaal 10 en maximaal 35