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Workshop in Constellations for English Speakers


What you learn during this workshop:
The purpose of an open workshop constellations is to help each participant gain insights into how families or organizations work from a systemic perspective.

By using specific cases and using them in a constellation you will experience what it is like to look at issues this way.

After this workshop:

·      You have gained a broader perspective though participation in a constellation or  having witnessed someone else’s.

·      You will have increased your sensitivity for systemic issues.

·      You have learned from the technique, systemic attitude and strategy of the constellator.

For whom?
For anyone who is dealing with an organizational or family issue that has a systemic aspect or that wants to awaken his or her systemic awareness. Issues can be about problems or stiffness, but a constellation can be perfectly well used to look at future scenarios, for example with intended changes or to introduce new products. And as well, this day is for anyone who wants to get acquainted with or learn about systemic work.

After a brief introduction, we will make an inventory of cases, what you wish to learn, and we will start working on them. After each case or after a few cases there is time for questions, reflection, harvesting insights. Sometimes, in response to the case, there is a substantive reflection that reaches beyond the case itself.

About 5/6 cases can be handled during a one-day workshop.

di 10 september 2019
Blok 1, Dag 1: 09:30 tot 17:30 u.
Trainer: Barbara Hoogenboom
Locatie: Amsterdam

Startdatum:di 10 september 2019
Trainer:Barbara Hoogenboom
Prijs:€ 175,-
Inbegrepen:koffie, thee en lunch
Deelnemers:Minimaal 8 en maximaal 18