Master Training ‘Facilitatorship’ (around Health and Illness)

Master Training ‘Facilitatorship’ (around Health and Illness)

Facilitatorship is the core of this master program with Stephan Hausner.
How to use yourself as a receptor instrument for changes in the quality of relationships and system energy. To observe very precisely what changes in the client’s body. You learn to sharpen all your senses: your eyes, ears, and the senses with which you can perceive the energy of the relationship between you and the client. Observing the extent to which the client can follow what happens in the constellation, and adjust your pace accordingly, or take it back. And at the same time facilitate the constellation and perceive everything that can be observed.
The training is around the theme of Health & Illness; symptoms that often embody generations of long patterns. Symptoms that show us how systems want to be complete with all their history. Especially those events that we would rather forget. If we do not learn to understand very precisely and perceive what the function of a symptom is, then the chances are that the symptom will migrate to a next generation – the children. That is why this very issue of disease is such an enormous challenge to observe, phenomenologically and “five-dimensionally”. Stephan is a master in that. Stephan Hausner has collected many insights over the years on how to apply the systemic approach to create an atmosphere where (self-) healing becomes possible. By experiencing it in his constellations, reflecting and through exercises you will sharpen yourself and become part of this mastery; a new phase in your own facilitatorship of constellations will, again, be stimulated.

This training is given by Stephan Hausner and Bibi Schreuder. Stephan facilitates the constellations and gives his explanations about his underlying thoughts. Bibi Schreuder of the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute is the organizer of this training, and provides exercises to practice in small groups, to support the participants in their process of learning. The language of this course is English.

What do you learn in this training?
After this training:

  • You can see health and illness in a systemic perspective;
  • You will fine-tune your professional attitude regarding facilitating constellations with health issues;
  • You will have a deep understanding of the healing power of relating;
  • You are aware of the connections between client, clients body responses, facilitator and constellation.
  • You are able to work with these connections.

For whom?

This is a training for trained facilitators of constellations with experience in facilitating. 
Learning has priority above being client. During all the modules guest clients will be invited by the participants. Stephan will work with these guest clients and after we will reflect on the constellation, the interventions and the images behind the interventions. The participants will practice to fine tune their inner attitude as professionals.

Content of the training:

During the training program you will be offered the basic theory and experience, enabling you to approach health issues in a systemic way. Each module has an educational focus. An important part of the training focuses on the attitude of the facilitator towards health and illness and his or her beliefs on what can be healed. Exercises in the form of mini-constellations will give you insights about your own position in the system and the response of the client-system at your inner attitude as a professional.

We strongly recommend that in between the modules participants practice in peer groups as well. Especially the given exercises and mini-constellations for your own development as a facilitator. There will be time during the modules for the questions from the peer groups.

In this video Bibi Schreuder explains a bit more about this Master Training:

Three modules
Each module has an educational focus. And it will be a co-creating process of the trainer and the participants, directed by the questions of the participants.

Module 1
In the first module the focus is on the interaction between client, constellation and facilitator.

Stephan shows how he constantly watches the responses in the clients body, leading him through the constellation process. There will be exercises to fine tune your senses to get information from body responses.

Module 2
In the second module the focus is on the inner attitude of the facilitator and his/her position in the system and how this influences the constellation process.

  • How do you as facilitator deal with your own family system and family patterns.
  • How do patterns repeat in the interaction between facilitator and client ánd constellation.

During this module we also focus on bonding patterns:

  • How to recognize bonding patterns.
  • What is the response of the facilitator to the bonding patterns of the client?

Practice day (optional, free of charge)
Participants of the Training Health and Illness can participate the practice day after module two.

Bibi Schreuder will supervise the participants. With all kinds of exercises and facilitating (parts of) constellations participants can integrate the learnings of the first two modules.

Module 3
In the third module the focus is on life and death issues and your ethics when working with (life threatening) illness.

  • How do you relate to clients with a life threatening illness?
  • How do you relate to death?
  • What position do you take in relation to the regular medical doctors and healthcare?
  • What do you tell your clients about what they can expect from doing a constellation?

Overall topics
Topics regarding the process of the constellation will be part of the whole training:
Creating a setting:
How to create a setting where systems open up and constellations can unfold?

Initial interview:

  • What type of questions do you ask the client?
  • Which questions do you ask yourself as a facilitator?
  • What other information do you use besides words?
  • Systemic perception of the client and the clients system

Design of the constellation:

  • Which elements to set up.
  • When (not) to set up an element for the symptom.
  • Interventions: There are many interventions possible. How to find your way through the constellation? What are the key interventions?
  • The role of the client during the constellation.
  • Healing sentences and process work.
  • When to stop and conclude a constellation.


  • How to deal with the expectations of the client regarding the results of a constellation?
  • When not to work/facilitate a constellation.
Startdate: Monday 18 March 2019
Trainers: Bibi Schreuder, Stephan Hausner
Location: Groningen
Price: € 2400,-
Inclusive: Coffee, tea and lunches
Participants: Minimaal 10 en maximaal 24