International Training PAF in Schools

International Training PAF in Schools


In Danish they (also) say Paf! if something falls (if “a quarter falls”), or if you are flabbergasted about something.

Mette Nordahl has developed the so-called PAF method in Denmark by which the entire school – children, teachers, school management and parents – learn how to look and act systematically.

Together with the pilot schools, Mette has transformed her systemic knowledge into a practically feasible method that made the school and parents so enthusiastic, that everyone started developing systemic exercises themselves. And every time everyone is baffled by the effects on the social climate and behavior of the children.

The three letters in PAF mean Power, Attitude and Focus.

Mette Nordahl, together with Marije Boot on behalf of the Bert Hellinger Institute The Netherlands, has developed a short, intense international training in which systemically trained people from the educational field can learn the ins and outs of this PAF method. Marije is a co-trainer in this training that will start next in October, 2019.

In addition to a visit to a PAF school and training in the PAF method – during the training much attention is paid to how to fit in and adjust it, to introduce it and to implement it in the own educational culture of everyone’s country.

Marije is organizing this four-day study trip to Sakskøbing, near Copenhagen, from 23 to 26 October. (With the possibility of an extra sightseeing Sunday in Copenhagen!)

Because this is an international training, the official language will be English.

During these four days you will learn:

  • What is the PAF method as Mette has developed it?
  • Exercises that can be done with children
  • How can you involve the parents?
  • Stories and experiences from practice by PAF trainers, teachers who work with the method, children, parents and school management in the school itself.
  • How to teach systemic ideology to teachers and school management in a simple way
  • How to fit this training into the educational culture of your own country
  • How to approach schools in your own country

We believe this will be a wonderful co-creation with participants from different countries!

I know Mette as a very enthusiastic woman who can get an incredible amount of work done.

Here in The Netherlands we are very enthusiastic about this training because, in our opinion, Dutch education is eager to implement the systemic ideology. Marije is connected to the Bert Hellinger Institute as a trainer and has many years of experience working in the educational field.

More information about costs, accommodation and planning can be found in the brochure and flyer available in this page.

Brochure                                                                                                                                                  Flyer











We hope to see you in the training.

Bibi Schreuder



Day 1 
Wednesday, October 23 from 6pm till 9pm

Day 2 
Thursday, October 24 from 10 am till 9pm

Day 3

Friday, October 25 from 10am till 9pm

Day 4

Saturday, October 26 from 10am till 3pm


  • Startdate: October 23, 2019
  • Trainers: Mette Nordahl and Marije Boot
  • Location: Ellekildeskolen in Sakskøbing, Denmark
  • Price: Please refer to flyer for information about prices