Masterclass Gunthard Weber

Masterclass Gunthard Weber

Aus Wiesloch nichts neues… ‘, That’s how Gunthard Weber starts his workshop in his hometown Wiesloch. But oh, people, what an incredibly clear explanation Gunthard gives about why he does what he does, while designing his workshops and working with every client. Although he, now 78 years young, may not offer many innovations, his considerations are still not only very actual, but also worth gold.

And above all, we are happy to welcome Gunthard as a friend and guest again at the Bert Hellinger Institute. For those who do not know Gunthard: without him constellations would not have been so widespread. He wrote the very first book about the work of Bert Hellinger. Gunthard developed associations that have made it possible to spread the work. He created a publishing house and organized many conferences on systemic work.

And let’s not forget: Gunthard was the very first client to come to Bert Hellinger for an organizational constellation and has subsequently taken on the development of organizational constellations. He is undoubtedly the ‘Godfather’ of organizational constellations.

This 2-day Masterclass costs €425,-, including coffee, tea and lunches.

What do we do?

Gunthard will facilitate constellations with questions from participants. It is up to the participant whether they are personal questions, relationship issues, work related issues or organizational development.
That is exactly what makes it so nice to hear about the routes that Gunthard chooses for a constellation. And it is incredibly resourceful to experience how he works so directly with the client and how much information he gets out of exposing himself to the client.

For whom?
For anyone who wants to learn Gunthard’s incredible systemic wisdom, skills, underlying principles from which he works and way of being.
So, for writers, bon vivants, people with a problem that keeps them very occupied, and for professionals who work with people in organizations or not.

Why come?
Gunthard is a clear, but especially a loving person. What he says and does can have a profound impact, even if you ‘just look’ at him as he works.
This is a last chance: this workshop is the only workshop Gunthard offers outside of Germany in 2019. His health forces him to carefully choose where he wants to work.


We can have a maximum of 40 participants in our room. We do not know how big the interest is. So, if you want to participate, it might be wise not to wait too long to subscribe.

Day 1, Thursday 18 April 2019: 10:00 – 18:00
Trainer: Gunthard Weber
Location: De Zeven Linden

Day 2, Friday 19 April 2019: 09:30 – 17:30
Trainer: Gunthard Weber
Location: De Zeven Linden

Startdate: Thursday 18 April 2019
Trainer: Gunthard Weber
Location: De Zeven Linden (Groningen)
Price: € 425,-
Including: Coffee, tea and lunches
Participants: Minimum 10 – maximum 40