Our institute

The Bert Hellinger Institute the Netherlands is founded in the year 2000 by Jan Jacob Stam and his wife Bibi Schreuder. A letter of intent with Bert Hellinger was signed and is still of value. The work of Bert Hellinger is our main source, especially his discoveries of what we call now the three survival mechanisms in social systems: the personal conscience, the system conscience and the evolutionary force called spirit-mind. We also are influenced by, and friends with, Gunthard Weber, Jakob Schneider, Guni Baxa and Christine Essen, Insa Sparrer and Matthias Varga von Kib├ęd and many others.

In the past 17 years the Bert Hellinger Institute the Netherlands developed its own style and way of working. Solid based principles from where we work in the fields of personal development, organizational development and societal development.

We, in the meantime being Jan Jacob Stam-Schreuder, Bibi Schreuder-Stam and Barbara Hoogenboom as the owners and six more allied trainers, consultants and coaches in the systemic field. Plus a well-equipped office team and caring people for the catering.

Currently we are owning two centers in the Netherlands for training and workshops: the ‘Zeven Linden’ in Groningen and the ‘Paddestoel’  in Amsterdam.

In the Netherlands we are well known as highly professional and innovative. Our big joy is to support the awakening and application of systemic intelligence in many areas of society. Constellations is a way of working we deeply love and we will continue developing. The offspring comprehends many other forms of systemic work like systemic coaching, systemic intervening and systemic pedagogics.

We worked and are working in over thirty countries, enjoying the richness in meeting countries, companies and people through a systemic open view and heart.

And from a systemic point of view:  the ownership of the Bert Hellinger Institute the Netherlands lies in the call for systemic awareness and systemic intelligence, coming from society.