System Dynamics in Organizations – Brazil

System Dynamics in Organizations – Brazil

A thorough training to facilitate organizational constellations ánd apply systemic work in areas such as coaching, consulting, teamwork and leadership.

During the training program you will be offered the basic theory and techniques enabling you to facilitate constellations. However, more than half of the time will be spent in practical work, in small groups or in larger groups with supervision of one of the trainers or assistants. Constellation work, for a minor part, consists of technique, and for a larger part of perception and inner attitude. We will support participants during the program to find out what their preferred style is and to develop a style of their own.

Training Goals

The aim of this training is to obtain a clear understanding of how to use this particular systemic perspective by focusing participants’ attention on:

  • Learning to develop a view of the phenomenological systemic approach to organizational development;
  • Developing awareness and sensitivity to systemic issues in general and in organizations;
  • Learning to apply the tools of the systemic approach in organizational development, consulting and in day to day professional practice:
  • Learning how to facilitate organizational constellations.


Training program

During the training, the participants will be offered the basic theory and techniques enabling to facilitate constellations. Although the main focus is to learn to facilitate constellations, there will be extensive time spent on practical exercises in small groups or larger groups with supervision of one of the trainers aimed to learn and develop the use of the systemic perception, but also observe and fine tune inner attitude. Systemic perception and attitude of the facilitator are one of the important elements of the training.

During the training, knowledge, experience and insights into the basic principles and backgrounds of systemic work will be offered.

Participants are invited to be in the role of different roles (coach, client, facilitator, representative and assistant) as well as, to facilitate constellations in small steps. The trainers will continuously coach the participants on the way to their next step. 

In the process of becoming a facilitator sometimes there are personal issues that are coming up. In each module, there will be an afternoon dedicated to work on personal issues.


Who can attend

This training course is intended for people that have experience working in organizations or in the field of organizational development, such as business owners, stock holders, managers, directors, consultants, human resource managers, trainers, coaches, etc… but also to family constellation facilitators who want to move to or explore the organizational field.



Organizers and trainers:  Jose Miguel de Deus and Vânia Meira e Siqueira Campos


Guest trainers:   Jan Jacob Stam – Bert Hellinger Instituut NL (modules I)
                              Yvonne Lonis – Bert Hellinger Instituut NL (module II)
                              Barbara Hoogenboom – Bert Hellinger Instituut NL (module III)







Module 1: 19-23 June 2019

Module 2: 4-8 September 2019

Module 3: 13-17 November 2019

Training Format:

Module I:

  • What are organizational system characteristics?
  • What is the systemic phenomenological approach?
  • The three level of consciences: Personal, Collective, Evolutionary
  • System Principles in Organizations: Order, Belonging, Exchange, Destiny
  • What is a constellation? Demo and practice
  • Systemic perception and awareness
  • Dynamics in organizations: Patterns
  • Steps in constellation: starting interview, first interventions etc…
  • Design of the constellation: choosing elements, interpretation of information
  • Practice constellations in different format
  • Facilitating skills

Module II:

  • Integration of constellation work in the organizational development
  • Dynamics in organizations: Patterns
  • Systemic sensing
  • How to read constellations from “the sense making” perspective
  • Recognize dynamics in constellations and testing interventions
  • Multilayer phenomena
  • Consultation constellations
  • Facilitating skills – practice
  • Constellation practice
  • Systemic coaching: How to work one on one
  • Constellations with objects
  • Scenario constellations; product-market, branding constellations

Module III

  • Systemic interventions without doing a constellation
  • How to work with teams
  • Everyday supportive systemic interventions
    Organizational topics, seen from a systemic perspective: merger, strategy development, how to leave an organization, etc..
  • Trauma in organizations
  • Three pillars under constellation work
  • Ethics; What is the place and the role of the facilitator?
  • Integration of professional background
  • Process work, sentences and rituals in constellations
  • Constellation practice
  • Participants will facilitate constellations under supervision
  • Conclusion and certification.


  • Startdate: 19 June 2019
  • Trainers: Jan Jacob Stam, Yvonne Lonis,Barbara Hoogenboom
  • Location: Goiania, Brazil
  • Price: For price, please contact the organizers
  • Participants: maximum 30