International Organizational Constellations Community for Transformation and Integration

October 17 to 24, 2020

History of IOCTI

De IOCCTI, formerly known as IOCTI (International Organizational Constellations Training Intensive) was originally a comprehensive training intensive with the aim to provide innovative systemic tools to use in consultancy, planning change management and development processes in companies, institutions, teams and individuals.

IOCTI was launched in Amsterdam in 2004, an initiative pioneered by Jan Jacob Stam, the founder of the Bert Hellinger Institute of The Netherlands. The second edition of IOCTI was also held there in 2006. In 2008 and 2010 the host country was Mexico, under the leadership of Katia del Rivero, director of Visión Sistémica. In 2012 it was held in the Basque Country, and headed by Guillermo Etchegaray, director of Geiser Works. In 2014 and 2016 the venue moved to South America. It was held in Uruguay and organized by the Foco Sistémico team. Back then we talked about “an open IOCTI, open to dialogue in a world that transforms us”. After its completion, we realized that IOCTI was changing. In 2018, for its VIII edition, at a time of deep and vertiginous transformation, the IOCTI was held in Slovenia.

During a beautiful ceremony in Slovenia, the organization of the next edition – in 2020 – has been passed on to The Netherlands. We at the Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute feel very honoured and grateful to be able to organize this amazing international ‘get together’ for all our systemic colleagues in the world. 

Actual (IOCCTI)

In the past 2 years we (in The Netherlands) have been experiencing a great wave of transformation. Specially when it comes to organizational constellations.
However, when we are abroad and talk with other systemic colleagues about transformation, we are faced with hard truth that not every country is aspiring for (more) transformation. Many have experienced so much change, transformation and/or take-overs in their countries, that for them ‘integration’ seems like a more appropriate thing to strive for. 

So, how to approach this dilemma of longing for transformation versus longing for integration? 

As we are all aware of, the IOCTI has always been about training. Great and intensive trainings, with great trainers and very intensive learning moments have formed the nature of IOCTI as we know it. But even more important than trainings and learnings, IOCTI is also very much about community. And in a community we do things together; we learn together, we try together, we work together and we reap the fruits together. And when part of a community is eager to transformation and the other part is eager to integration, that’s when we put our heads together to learn from each other.
Because every transformation phase will lead to integration, and integration on the other hand will always lead to transformed communities, societies, individuals, generations.

And in the context of transformation that already has been felt since the completion of IOCTI 2016, and integration that many of us are longing to, we feel that it is time to emphasize the community aspects of IOCTI. That’s why we have been so “brazen” to slightly change the meaning and add an extra C to the abbreviation of this amazing event. From now on it will be called IOCCTI, thoug you will still pronounce it as IOCTI.

IOCCTI: International Organizational Constellations Community for Transformation and Integration.

Again, we are very proud and happy to organize the next edition of this event. Welcome to the IOCCTI 2020, in The Netherlands.



Start date: October 17, 2020
End date: October 24, 2020
Organization: Bert Hellinger Institute, The Netherlands
Location: Landgoed Zonheuvel in Doorn, The Netherlands.
Price: To be announced
Inclusive in price:
Coffee, tea, lunches, dinners and accommodation
Language: English, with translation to Spanish
Note: From January on, we expected to have more information about pre-workshops, workshops and prices.

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