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Our leading principles:

We believe that if the systemic phenomenological approach and its main method of constellations will contribute substantially to persons, organizations and society in development, it must be perceived as highly professional. For that reason we aim to make our training programs support you in your professionality.The systemic approach is still young. Constellations and systemic insight develop rapidly. Exploring new applications and interventions, listening well to what society is requiring from the attitude and skills of its professionals, in short: being innovative without losing solid ground is one of the three pillars our institute is built on.Dissemination of systemic intelligence and awareness into the world provides us with a lot of pleasure ánd learning. Supporting communities of exploration, research and application of systemic work is part of what we love to.

Workshop Social Transformation
Being in the pupal stage. This workshop is about giving up the known version of yourself and to move to a new version you want to build for life.
Workshop in Constellations
For anyone who is dealing with an organizational or family issue that has a systemic aspect or that wants to awaken his or her systemic awareness.
System Dynamics in Organizations
In the centre of the systemic approach and constellations
The Dutch Bert Hellinger Institute is the centre of knowledge in the Netherlands when it comes to the development of the systemic approach and constellations. We believe that the liberating and enriching method of doing constellations and having systemic perceptions and thoughts are an enormous valuable contribution to society. We gather and develop insights in the fields of personal development and families, organisations, education, health and societal issues.